This is a screen shot from my dash mounted video camera and just happened on December 15th., while traveling in Kandahar. Why yes, I do have the entire event on video :) The subsequent investigation revealed that this was an anti-tank mine placed over a culvert. It was probably remotely detonated by someone watching my truck and choosing to intentionally target my vehicle. The person resposible was found and associated with multiple events like this over the previous few months. No one was hurt in this blast which is a testiment to Ford trucks being what they are - Thank you Ford! and the approximately 12,000 lbs of armor installed on the truck as well. We got through this just fine and with some damage to my truck, but it was driveable to get us the heck out of there... I realize the quality of this image is not the best, but it was shot on a HD video camera at 30 frames per second and 168 degree wide angle. I felt that it was still good enough to share. All images taken by Mike Mosack are copyrighted. Please contact me for licensing terms or to purchase a print. Thank you - Michael Mosack Photography
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